The brand is the first in Brazil to contribute to UNICEF’s global response to reduce the conflict impacts on the lives of children who have fled the country. 


A 150-thousand-dollar donation will be addressed to support the Blue Dots, which receive vulnerable children and families in the conflict zones. 


Sao Paolo, March 2022 – Last month, over 1.5 million children and teenagers left Ukraine, running away from the conflict in the country – an average of 55 per minute. With humanitarian needs multiplying rapidly, UNICEF is working, day and night, to expand vital programs for children and families. And Havaianas is the first Brazilian brand to join this global effort. 


UNICEF’s response to the crisis in Ukraine aims to reach vulnerable children and families with essential services – including health, education, protection, water, and sanitation. In order to help who is moving to neighbouring countries, UNICEF has created the Blue Dots Centers, which are safe spots that supply essential information to travelling families and are able to identify unattended boys and girls or separated from their care givers and guarantee their protection. 


Supported by donors from different parts of the world, now including the Brazilian Havaianas, which is contributing with 150 thousand dollars, UNICEF – along with humanitarian partners and local authorities – is implementing 26 Blue Dots Centers in Poland, Moldavia, Romania, Belarus, Hungary, and Slovakia. Four of them are already operating. 


Located at key-points across the migration routes, each centre is able to offer support to 3 to 5 thousand people per day, with a series of essential services. The Blue Dots centres offer a safe and sheltering space for children to rest, play, and simply be children in a moment when they are facing the trauma of leaving their families, friends and everything that is familiar to them. 


“Ukraine counts on the global community generosity and support to reach children, teenagers and families, in Ukraine and neighbor countries, whose lives and future are at risk. Thanks to Havaianas, for being the first Brazilian brand to join this global effort, to save lives and guarantee the rights of every child and teenager, says Juan Ignácio Calvo, Head of Partnerships and Resource Collection of UNICEF Brazil. 


Havaianas is an exclusive, human brand. A brand that puts itself in other people’s shoes and has been constantly developing initiatives with institutions such as Gerando Falcões and All Out, in order to create a more egalitarian society. Even as a Brazilian company, we are present in over 120 countries. We cannot close our eyes to what is happening around the world, and today, the efforts are all focused on Ukraine. When UNICEF presented us the sheltering centers project, we did not hesitate to help. Nowadays, we are the first Brazilian brand, but we can open doors to many others to come on board with us in this solidary deed”, explains Maria José de Martini, Head of Sustainability and Reputation. 


Havaianas and UNICEF were already talking about other projects when the opportunity to help the Blue Dots centers came up. “Financial donation was more urgent, but we are checking with UNICEF the likelihood of donating Havaianas shoes for the refugees, as a lot of them are sharing bathrooms and we have received this request from several fronts, highlights Maria José. 


The Blue Dots Centers offer essential services including:   

  • Information and Counselling Desk  
  • Kids lounge 
  • Services for recovery of family bonds and family regrouping  
  • Space for mothers and babies/small children. 
  • Counseling and psycho-social support  
  • Addressing violence or sanitary conditions cases and other circumstances requiring specialized support.  
  • First medical and psycho-social aid.  
  • Safe sleeping areas  
  • Emergency articles