The Clarks Footwear Award was awarded to Megan Davies of University of South Wales for her multi-level sustainability elements and her wearable and current design.

Judges for the award included Rosie McKissock (Pictured) and Helen Richards-Rees of Clarks, and Hannah Rochell of the Evening Standard and EnBrogue.

Megan Davies was presented the award by Rosie Mckissock the Head of Brand Evolution at Clarks

“The winning design showed original thinking, real creativity and was incredibly well thought through. It demonstrated not only an understanding of modern consumers and their priorities but also an understanding of Clarks as a brand. A fantastic idea with real potential both creatively and commercially. We were all so impressed  – in fact the three of us judging the entries voted unanimously for the winning design! We can’t wait to work with Megan on bringing her concept to life.”

Hannah Rochell of the Evening Standard & EnBrogue said:

“Megan’s ideas were not only innovative in a technological sense, but I felt that she had really tapped into the consumer’s growing interest in sustainability. Added to that, aesthetically I loved her designs and would definitely wear a pair of her boots myself!”