Giovanna Ceolini has been appointed acting Chair of Assocalzaturifici. In the wake of former Chair Siro Badon’s recent resignation, art.12, paragraph 6 of the Assocalzaturifici Articles of Association specifies that “in the event of advance resignation from the post of Chair, the most senior Vice Chair in terms of age will temporarily serve as acting Chair until the procedures for election of a new Chair can be completed”.

Giovanna Ceolini has therefore been designated Chair, and accepted the appointment; in addition to matters of ordinary administration, she will oversee the establishment of the
Appointment Commission. “I hope to count on the support of the entire organisational structure and all our members in getting through this difficult time,” says Ceolini. “In the midst of these troubling times, as industry slowly recovers from the effects of the pandemic, we are preparing for an outstanding edition of MICAM that will confirm the event’s status as an essential business opportunity and economic driver for the entire footwear industry, which plays a leading role in Italian manufacturing industry”.