As Nike CEO John Donahoe recently stated, Generation Alpha is the priority – and this is the case for all industries. And here, Robert Lockyer, Founder and Chief Client Officer of luxury packaging solutions provider Delta Global, discusses all things Generation Alpha and what this means for the future of fashion.

Generation Z and Millennials have been the talking points of many industries, but particularly that of fashion. But brands and businesses are forgetting the most important consumer – Generation Alpha.

Born from 2010 onwards, those of Generation Alpha are fast becoming the teenagers of today, and if Gen Z is anything to go by, then this new generation will no doubt cause a storm, too.

Generation Alpha is going to be the next big thing and perhaps, will have the biggest impact on the fashion industry that we have ever seen.

With the eldest of this generation being 12 years old, it makes perfect sense that we are about to see a new wave of influencers, social media stars and even entrepreneurs, and thus, a new wave of fashion.

The cause becomes the solution

Gen Z is the ‘sustainability’ generation, but really, they have just been keeping the seat warm for Generation Alpha.

This hasn’t always been the case, though. Millennials, together with their successor, Gen Z, grew up online and were some of the very first to be exposed to the world of social media.

Being socially conscious and much more interested in fashion is quite possibly what caused such huge levels of growth for the fast fashion industry, however now, the youngest of Gen Z are trying to rectify such damage.

Whilst Generation Z is now striving to phase out fast fashion whilst encouraging peers to consider an entirely new approach when it comes to shopping, including that of resale and pre-loved items, there are still people who are stuck in a rut.

With a new generation, comes change

Generation Alpha on the other hand, is surrounded by not just a want, but a need for a more circular economy, sustainable fashion and eco-friendly materials.

Morals, values and ethics of consumers are continuing to change and evolve – for the better.

And that is why this generation will be the ones sat very firmly in the driving seat when it comes to making strong and impactful changes, starting with the fashion industry.

As we go through time, teenagers and young people are becoming much more aware of not only their own decisions, but the impact of the decisions made by those around them – and fashion is no different.

Whilst we remain to be consumed by social media, consumers no longer feel the need to post images in brand new outfits for every occasion and rather, prioritise making positive changes to the environment, starting with shopping resale, second-hand and pre-loved.

I predict that the newest generation, Generation Alpha will impact the fashion industry like never before.

Brands may already focus on sustainable materials and reducing their carbon footprint, things will soon be taken up a notch. So, my advice? Be one step ahead and make those changes now.

The fashion industry is so much more than clothes, shoes and accessories, and brands mustn’t forget this when implementing changes.

Consider sustainable packaging and an eco-friendlier supply chain and cater for Generation Alpha, before they begin catering for you…