It’s not only the Duchess of Sussex who has bunions! With over 10 million ladies in the UK and Ireland with bunion issues, we are seeing (with the stores that stock them) increasing sell through, as word spreads in the area that there is footwear for their issues.

Fidelio with their new design team are now manufacturing shoes with younger and better design, as bunion issues are not just for old ladies, but effect so many people now – and Megan is a prime example for this. The shoes have a stretchable bunion insert with soft padding that helps protect and support the bunion/Hallux and not visible from the outside.

We are now changing our marketing from using the word Hallux to Bunion as we have seen that most people have no idea what a Hallux is.  As well as our customers having good sell through, we are having Podiatrists call us to find out where the shoes are being stocked and in our first season with Fidelio we already sell them in over 30 stores. One of our customers Shoemed in Stratford upon Avon has seen such a growing demand we are having trouble keeping up on repeat orders  – and in the first season, Fidelio are now in their top three brands stocked.

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Tim Dowle
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