I’ve spent a lifetime avoiding the gym, or worst of all, the dreaded “going for a jog”. Alas, my teenage years and teenage metabolism are now a thing of the past, meaning exercise shoes are looming on the horizon. Giving up pizza (or burgers, or cake, or fries for that matter) isn’t an option. So this year, I’ve decided to “get fit”, in a desperate bid to offset my teenage diet (the metabolism may go, the love of chocolate eclairs unfortunately doesn’t).
Of course, thanks to living in London, the gym is a long way off. Instead, I’ve discovered Hula Fit – the exercise class that gets you in shape AND makes you feel like you’re 8 years old again. And you don’t have to step within miles of a treadmill. All I needed was a pair of trainers, real, proper, lace-up, foot-cushioning trainers.


So, when I was offered the chance to road test Skechers best-selling Flex Appeal Trainers, I figured it was a sign from on high. And hey, if you’re going to do trainers, Skechers have got to be the best-looking ones out there. Plus, they’re pretty darn swish, with memory foam soles, and a whole host of good looking celebs rocking them  (the glamourous actress/model Kelly Brook is wearing my exact pair in her Skechers TV commercial which is live now).


Having previously tested a pair of Skechers Go Walks, which I love and are now a staple part of my wardrobe  – because A. they have a cool 90s plimsolls look to them, and B. they feel like clouds on your feet – I was prepared to give it the Skechers Flex Appeal trainers a try.
I could almost smell the gym equipment as I opened the box and saw the pair that would be helping me overcome my sports phobia. At first glance they weren’t too terrifying, with a more streamlined shape than expected. Then, I discovered they came with pink laces. Suddenly things were looking up.


I quickly (like ripping off a bandaid) pulled them on, laced them up and looked in the mirror. And I looked… good. Reallygood. Like, if I was going to the gym, I’d be going with Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift kind of good. We’d be gym buddies, and we’d all be wearing these trainers. That’s how good I looked. These aren’t the kind of shoes you trudge for hours on a treadmill in. These are the kind of shoes you do power aerobics to Shake It Off in.


Forget the plastic-coated leather of the bog-standard trainer, these bad boys are crafted in ultra breathable, ultra lightweight, navy fabric. The soles are sturdy, but still light, but as with most things, what matters is on the inside – and in this case the inside is Skechers memory foam. Glorious, foot-hugging, supportive in all the right places, memory foam, which makes wearing these feel like you’re dancing on air. Or, dancing to Taylor Swift, in my case.


I’m now waiting until I can show these off at my next exercise class, and researching what other activities I can wear them to. I guess I’ve solved my chicken and egg problem. With the right pair of shoes, even the gym isn’t so bad – though I’ve yet to test that theory.