Dawn Smith gets carried away while testing a pair of stylish high-heeled Tamaris boots that are equally at home in the office, at a restaurant or on the dance floor.

Tamaris-Boot-25632001Apparently, half the female population of Germany owns a pair of Tamaris footwear, with a new store opening every week somewhere in Europe. Britain might be a bit behind the Tamaris times, in terms of brand awareness, but these high quality, on-trend, value-for-money boots and shoes are popular for a reason. Several reasons, in fact (see above). After trying out a pair of black leather knee-length, high-heeled, Tamaris boots, I could name a few more good reasons why this brand is so ubiquitous on the Continent.

Let’s start with the shallow stuff. My Tamaris boots are very good looking. Not in a flouncy, flimsy, insubstantial kind of way. These high-heeled, platformed boots with a narrow ankle, rounded toe and decorative buckle really stand up for themselves and for their wearers, with strong lines and perfect poise. They flex at the ankles just where needed, while keeping a supporting hold, which means walking on 8cm tapered heels never seemed so easy. I don’t feel as if I’m tripping around in these boots, or that I’m going to trip over in them and trounce an ankle. They are solidly made and practical, yet their sleek appearance belies their strength. I want to call them pretty, because they are the epitome of feminine, but that’s too weak a word. They are handsome, in the sense that the word was used in Jane Austen novels to describe a particularly well-made female. Handsome, but not in the least bit butch. A pair of boy boots would definitely fancy them.

Actually, I’m going to remain in the shallow vein for a while because one of the things I noticed, during my two-month test-drive, was that everywhere I went, people said “Oh, what nice boots”, or something similar. Even my father remarked on them. A horticulturalist and ex-smallholder,  my father is not known for commenting on footwear except to say “I hope you brought your wellies; it’s knee deep in mud and sheep-shit out there”, or “Take off your wellies before you come in; they’re covered in mud and sheep-shit”. But on seeing my Tamaris boots, leaning elegantly against the wall of his front porch, I heard him say: “Oh, they’re pretty boots.” I stood amazed.

I wore the boots with even more confidence after that, knowing that although not flashy in any way, these sleekly-crafted, slim and sophisticated girl-boots were attracting approval wherever I went. And the great thing was, I could wear them in so many different circumstances and with so many different outfits. Although wide enough to go over slim fitting trousers, they are narrow enough at the top (37cm) to look great under a skirt.

At first, I timidly teamed them with a pair of smart trousers and a smart-casual jacket, for a trip to town. Perfect, but a bit obvious. They I tried them with skinny jeans and a baggy sweater. They added a touch of glamour to my otherwise overgrown student look, and I walked tall across campus. Then I tried them under a skirt suit, for a business lunch. Fabulous. Finally, I let myself go and wore them under a party dress. Not only did I feel like a million dollars as I strode onto the dance floor, but thanks to the upstanding support of my Tamaris boots, I was able to strut my funky stuff in high heels without sliding into someone’s lap or falling into the punch.
I strutted with abandon, in fact, and may have overdone it, as I distinctly heard a voice muttering “fancy yourself in them boots, don’t you darlin?”. But it might just have been the voice in my head, telling me to sit down and stop making a spectacle of myself.

As well as offering enough support to shimmy all night in 8cm heels, these boots are soft and comfortable on the inside. They are a real pleasure to wear: just flexible enough to allow easy movement, but firm enough to feel safe. After a while, I found myself reaching for them automatically, whenever I left the house.
Another thing I noticed during my Tamaris test run is that people would say “I bet they were pricey, weren’t they?” The boots have that look about them: classy, expensive. But they’re not. The manufacturers tell me they were designed for the modern woman who wants a stylish boot that is both comfortable and affordable. Well, they’ve managed all of that, with aplomb. 50% of German women prefer Tamaris; and now, so do I.


Brand: TAMARIS Model: 1-25632-21
Colour: Black Upper: leather
Total height: 41 cm – Upper circumferenece: 37 cm
Heel height: 8 cm – Platform height: 1.5 cm
Trade price: £34.75 – Retail price: £99.99
Contact: tim.smithen@wortmann.com
Tel: 07810 560885 Office / Fax: 01604 880146