This season, “90s” shoes are all the rage. Sliders, and jelly shoes are officially “en vogue” and spotted everywhere from the runway to the high street. i.e. Ugly shoes are everywhere. I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of fashion victim virus, as everyone’s caught it, and even I, anti-fad extraordinaire, am falling victim.

It creeps up on you when you least suspect it – a few weeks ago while shopping online (a daily ritual), I found myself browsing jelly shoes thinking “should I go for pastel pink or silver glitter? Or BOTH. I could get BOTH!” The horror. Just yesterday, was filling in time sale shopping (I have an addiction ok?!) in Covent Garden and suddenly found myself irresistibly drawn to a window full of 90s sliders. tried on a pair. They touched my feet. I’m so ashamed.

The worst yet though? I’ve been nervously broaching the subject with my closest circle of friends. You know, the ones you can confess a murder to and they’ll help you bury the body. And when at the right moment, (the one just after that second cocktail) I cautiously announce, “I’ve been thinking about…jelly shoes”, instead of recoiling and shouting “NO dear God NO!” they’ve been… enthusiastic. Encouraging. I’ve even been told I “could so work that look”. I’m telling you, the world’s gone mad.

Luckily, Gerry Weber are here to save the day. Just as I was about to hit the “buy” button an email pinged into my inbox from Footwear Today Editor, Cheryl. Would I like to roadtest a pair of Gerry Weber sandals? Er, yes please.

Let loose on their online store to pick my very own pair, I stumbled upon the Jasmin sandals. So pretty, so dainty, so delicately put together, they were the antidote to my ugly shoe obsession. Camel coloured leather paired with deep scarlet and gold detailing. A slender wedge heel, and slim, perfectly sculpted straps. Hello my pre-SS14 dream sandals.

I can tell what you’re thinking. Yes, they may be pretty, but pretty shoes are tortuous to walk in! There’s a reason 90s shoes aren’t easy on the eye – they make you feel like you’re walking on air! It’s the sacrifice you have to make if you want to stand a chance of not hobbling like Gollum wherever you go!

But, dear imaginary readers, this time you’re mistaken. For these shoes are Gerry Weber shoes, which are manufactured under licence by the Josef Seibel Group who have been manufacturing comfort shoes since 1866.

Only the best quality leathers make it into their footwear, and everything, from lasts to outsoles, are designed using the Gerry Weber comfort concepts.

So while the Jasmin sandals are so pretty it hurts, it’s not in an I-need-blisterplasters way. These are the oh-so-pretty, walking on a cloud, 90s-what-90s sandals that may just about save me from adding a pair of jellies to that large pile of “on-trend” I’ve bought and never worn.


Gerry Weber
Jasmine 03
Cost: £41.67 – RRP: £100

  • Stunning everyday wedge sandal in a choice of vibrant colours and material combinations, with the patent trim and gold buckle offering an extra touch of elegance
  • Italian leather / nubuck uppers, linings and footbed
  • Flexible and lightweight outsole

Telephone: 01603 307860