All business formulas and the technology avoiding proximity between people, offering delivery services
supporting and eliminating queues and helping store sales personnel are essential to re-start in the best

PARMA, March 2021 – In recent months, there has been a considerable shift towards what are defined “humanless shopping experience and frictionless” mainly through the implementation of self-service terminals. All digital and self-service solutions had a significant acceleration. Something not planned, caused by pandemic. In just six months they have become the key element to give continuity to activities or even the motivation for a technological upgrade. Digital acceleration of the market is currently underway, the restart is irregular and asymmetric, but just for this reason, realities as Custom make the difference thanks to the expertise and excellences present on the Group.

Social distancing and maximum attention to hygiene are the two fundamental aspects at base of all markets, for this reason today we are able to support in the best way our customers with solutions increasing retail safety, reducing queues, improving client experience and at same time reducing management costs. “Digital future” will no more be a distinguishing element but the minimum requirement necessary to be competitive. On one side we have enhanced all digital solutions through NETRISING, company inside Custom Group today leader in Italy for APPS development. In addition to AR solutions (increased reality), the company has also developed specific solutions for DELIVERY and BOOKING, surely of great interest for RETAIL and POS sectors.

On Italian market, we saw an increase of 70% for all solutions related to retail, kiosks, self-service solutions for public services automation, GDO, Healthcare. Solutions that concern specific applications to support this period of health emergency such as “locker”, intended as unattended distribution warehouses for every kind of products, even food being refrigerated and/or heated, kiosks for “queue management systems”, “click & collect” systems to order products and collect them, kiosks for unattended automatic payments “cash kiosks”. In this case following new safety and social distancing rules, bur also new necessities, preferences and spending habits. “All commercial formulas and the technology that avoid people proximity, that offer delivery services, that support and/or cancel queues and help shop assistants, are fundamental to restart in the best way”, says Alessandro Mastropasqua, Head of Corporate Marketing & Press Communication of Custom S.p.A.

In Custom we always deeply listen to the market trying to support Clients and Partners with innovating and easy-to-use solutions. Covid health emergency has further pushed the interest towards self-solutions and solutions also related to automatic distributors.

Despite the big increase of self service solutions, we are having a great interest on the market for our POS printers, such as KubeII, Q3X and K3, available in POS fiscal and not fiscal versions, since Custom has approached fiscal markets also. Today, the company is present in 16 fiscal markets and is entering in the most recent fiscal market, it means Germany. Speedy, reliable and above all robust, with reliable printing heads and autocutters, able to guarantee important amounts in terms of printed paper km, with important save in terms of TCO (total cost of ownership). The compactness of our printers is another must, not requesting big spaces for positioning. Hardware, Software and Integrated services solutions. Innovation and high-tech technology on a wide range of solutions, from multi-platform terminals to reliable and performing printers, scanners and softwares, increasing customer satisfaction.