A consortium including charities, academia and companies have today published an open letter urging Government, business and planners to work to ensure that our high streets better adapt to ageing.

The consortium argue that. “As high street retail has declined, we have failed to create a viable new offer. A revitalised high street can help reduce loneliness, improve our health and even deliver more housing. If we make the high street work for older people it will also work for younger people.”

The letter is being published ahead of the ILC Future of Ageing Conference where new research (maximising the longevity dividend) will highlight how spending by and employment of older people could play a major part in driving economic growth. The report will be on the ILC website tomorrow morning (www.ilcuk.org.uk).

A copy of our open letter is here: https://ilcuk.org.uk/across-the-uk-our-high-streets-are-struggling-footfall-is-dropping/

ILC have written a blog alongside the letter: https://ilcuk.org.uk/can-older-people-save-the-high-street/

Tomorrow’s Future Of Ageing conference will include debate on the role of the high street in the context of ageing. www.futureofageing.org.uk

For more informaton contact Lily Parsey (lilyparsey@ilcuk.org.uk) or David Sinclair (davidsinclair@ilcuk.org.uk)