akiAKI has a motive of sharing the better quality on reasonable prices. The company specialises in riding shoes and waterproof and breathable boots. A better waterproof boot, more comfortable than any other and meeting the highest level of performance under any conditions, featuring internal waterproof breathable membranes (German Viltex PE) for permanent waterproof protection.

AKI’s boots are designed to give customers extraordinary comfort, fit and performance. Maplewood & Superyacht shoe has done two very important things with the introduction of this fine line of boots. First, it has developed an all new ‘last’, drawing heavily on European comfort footwear technology to get an orthotically correct shape. Second, it has used modern materials and technology
 usually only found in athletic footwear. The result is a product that has changed the marine boots and outdoor shoes market forever, setting new standards in fit and comfort.

Today, AKI has enjoyed enormous success and continues to grow with many different styles of marine boots and outdoor shoes.