CLIMOTION® – An innovation you can feel

CAPRICE brings wearing comfort to the highest level


The constant quest for perfection has been firmly anchored in CAPRICE’s DNA from the very beginning. The Pirmasens shoe manufacturer has succeeded in setting another milestone in terms of innovative and perfect walking for the autumn/winter season 21-22 with a newly developed technology named CLIMOTION®.

CLIMOTION® stands for CLI (climate), MOTION (movement) and EMOTION (feeling). This technology offers a dynamic fusion of softness, flexibility, cushioning and climate regulation, which ensures an incomparable walking experience. The heart of the CLIMOTION® technology is a completely newly developed, ultra-soft and elastic footbed made of high-tech elastomers paired with honeycomb-shaped air chambers. Thus, the foot is gently embedded as in a cozy soft cushion. The combination of innovative material and elastic honeycomb structure with embedded channels enables an entire and permanent ventilation of the foot. Thanks to a memory effect, the sole adapts ergonomically to the shape of the foot. The CLIMOTION® cushion is covered with a perforated leather sole, which ensures a pleasant and ideal foot climate all year round.

Shoes equipped with CLIMOTION® PRO also have transparent hexagon elements embedded in the outsole, which have a cushioning effect and ensure natural air circulation inside the shoe. These properties allow perfect climate regulation and an extra soft tread by every step. Another feature is the hexagon cushioning shells in the outsole, which are filled with particles of real cedar wood. These have an antibacterial effect; keep the feet dry and smell pleasantly fresh.


“The current challenging times call for new creative approaches. With the CLIMOTION® technology developed by CAPRICE, we meet the current high demands for innovations and added value. At the same time, we provide our retail partners with a very innovative and fashionable collection segment with strong unique selling points, which contributes to increasing the attractiveness of the product range. When you wear shoes with CLIMOTION®, you will experience a completely new walking sensation and enter a new dimension of comfort. Hereby we underline again our ambition to offer every customer a unique and unforgettable walking experience, ”says Jürgen Cölsch, Managing Director of CAPRICE.



CLIMOTION® is protected as an IR trademark and patent pending.

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