CAPRICE - AW17 - Shoes 23650-29-547The signs are pointing to change within the footwear business.
Proven structures are disappearing, leaving behind
gaps that need to be filled. It is therefore all the more important
to enter into partnerships in this phase, which are
built on trust, reliability and continuous

Since the foundation of the business, CAPRICE
has been signifying exactly those qualities,
which are the cornerstone of successful
cooperation. Current sales figures prove that no
other product on the market is more successful
and achieves such good results.  CAPRICE - AW17 - Shoes 25403-29-313

With our new line for the autumn and winter
season of 2017/18 comprising 200 models,
CAPRICE will be combining high-quality leather
and fashionable designs to create shoes that
are impressive in their excellent workmanship.
Feminine last shapes become little works of art, thanks to
stunning leather diversity and new light-weight bases. Straight
heels will augment the overall design by a fantastic fashion

It is the details, which make true beauty. This is why the new
CAPRICE line will bank on little accessories such as pendants,
jewellery parts and zippers in shiny silver and gold, to
enhance the appearance of our shoes.
Warm shades of maroon and cognac will form a colourful
contrast to the dominant neutral and dark colours indispensable
this autumn.CAPRICE - AW17 - Shoes 25602-29-019

Velvety suede, expressive patent leather and super soft nappa
combined with the unmistakable close CAPRICE fit will
create an impressive walking sensation.
Long-shaft boots with decorative elastic elements will caress
your legs and feet like a second skin. Overknees are celebrating
a triumphant comeback, offering the ultimate in leather

Clever use of material combinations will result in new quality
optics, giving formidable expression to the wide range of

Leather as a noble natural material perfectly reflects the essence
of CAPRICE. Its breathability and incomparable softness
makes for a superb running experience. In addition,
leather withstands great stresses and returns to its original
shape after wearing.

The newly introduced „CAPRICE Premium“ product line gives
a perfect impression of how classical elegance and contemporary
styles can merge. With their discreet highlights,
these models prove that glamour and high wearing comfort
are perfectly compatible.CAPRICE - AW17 - Shoes 25309-29-545

Every pair of CAPRICE Premium shoes ensures ultimate leather
wearing comfort and makes this unique natural material
appreciable in a special way.

Athleisure remains one of the key trends in 2017, and it will
be interpreted by CAPRICE in a unique way with stylish designs
and fresh materials.

On a light basis, preferably in white, a look emerges that is
both urban and trendy.

Perlato effects in leather processing will provide additional
highlights, without losing the sporty look.

CAPRICE‘s new interchangeable footbed
with onAIR technology.

As Pirmasens shoemakers run by the third generation, we
at CAPRICE know that the preservation and appreciation of
this traditional craft forms the basis for continued success in
the future. High-quality products can be produced only by
those who have the knowledge and passion that it takes to
constantly exceed their own standards and set new ones.

CAPRICE provides proof of this credo by presenting, for the
autumn-winter season of 2017/18, a unique new development.
For the new line, a footbed was designed and developed,
which combines enhanced ergonomic comfort with our patented
OnAIR technology. The onAIR interchangeable footbed
adapts to the anatomy of your foot, thus ensuring an
excellent walking sensation.

Simultaneously, the distinctive characteristics of our onAIR
INSOLE allow an ideal foot climate, relieving the body during
walking, thanks to its elastic action.

Within the patented CAPRICE onAIR INSOLE,
up to 300 air-filled hemispheres ensure optimum
air circulation with each step as well as ideal foot climate.
A further advantage: The springy effect of the balls
will relieve your whole body.

The air chamber system developed
by CAPRICE softens your steps by more than 50%.
Thus, our onAIR ANTISHOKK technology helps
you effectively to protect your spine, your
spinal discs and joints – every day afresh.

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