The European Patent Office has approved Caprice’s patent for its inner shoe construction with a ventilation function.

This new intellectual property right, the second European patent for Caprice this year alone, once again highlights the Wortmann Group’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Managing Director at Caprice, Jürgen Cölsch, said: “For us, style and comfort go hand in hand. In addition to its excellent cushioning properties, the innovation developed by Caprice offers optimal air circulation, enhancing wearing comfort and promoting foot health.

“The active breathable footbed contributes significantly to keeping feet fresh and dry. In the upcoming Fall/Winter 2024 collection, we will equip several shoe groups with this technology under the name CAPRICE CLIMOTION.”

Its inner shoe construction with a ventilation function is not only an enhancement to Caprice’s product range but also a testament to the company’s continuous pursuit of improvements in footwear technology.

Customers can look forward to even more comfort and freshness in their shoes. This European patent is a sign of Caprice’s determination to revolutionize the world of footwear and provide today’s women with stylish shoes that prioritize the highest level of wellness.