Stagnation equals regression. This idea has motivated CAPRICE right from the start. The Pirmasens based shoe company has set itself the goal to redefi ne the way we walk.

The decision between fashion and comfort becomes obsolete. CAPRICE combines both dimensions to unique shoe creations.

With 200 models for the 2019 spring / summer season, the current line marks the start of the next phase in the BLUE INNOVATION LINE. The third generation shoe makers present with BLUE OXYGEN a newly developed sole design which functions as an add-on to the patented onAIR technology.

Fresh air can flow directly into the shoe through the sole and increases the effect of the onAIR INSOLE significantly.

Excitingly structured prints on soft nappa leathers and velvety velours characterize the collection, as well as colourful nubucs, which showcase the diversity of this natural material in an impressive way. New models, ideal fit and trend-conscious designs complete the CAPRICE collection and make it one of the highlights of the current order round.


Blue Oxygen is a new type of sole construction that provides the integrated onAIR INSOLE with fresh air at every step. Through special openings in the bottom of the sole fresh air enters into the shoe and spreads under the entire onAIR INSOLE.

Due to the continuous pumping effect, the air is first sucked through small perforations into the air chambers, before leaving them again when pressure is applied. This initiates a dynamic cycle that provides a pleasantly dry and fresh climate throughout the shoe. The permanent circulation also ensures that moist air that accumulates in the shoe during wear can escape through the openings. This is made possible by a three-layered fi lament, which is already integrated into the sole during the manufacturing process.This completely eliminates bonding and ensures that moisture does not enter the shoe through the sole.

Fresh & Dry


European Patent 1 304 938 B1

In the spring / summer of 2019, CAPRICE will show a variety of new sporty models on nouveau soles. Splendid pieces of jewellery are used here purposefully to create a look which is both modern and luxurious. Plateau-like designs take up the current retro-wave and interpret this trend in their own handwriting.

Transparent soles and a harmonious colour combination of different leathers additionally provide visual highlights without being intrusive.

Artistically designed floral applications show the love of detail with which CAPRICE shoes are developed. These accessories are enhanced with subtle elements to provide the necessary glamour.

Functional elements such as velcro fasteners and elastics are integrated into the designs to enhance their appearance while providing your feet with the freedom they need.

The sandals equipped with removable footbeds also make it possible to further individualise wearing comfort.


CAPRICE shoes are the ideal companion for every moment in life. The new laser cut patterns, perforations and unlined shafts ensure a comfortable fit that lasts the whole day. Super

lightweight and flexible soles add to the comfort.

CAPRICE is leather!

It‘s that easy to summarise the philosophy of

the brand. Like no other shoe manufacturer, CAPRICE processes this high-quality natural material and presents a colourful spectrum that ranges from basics such as white and black to warm earth tones to expressive metallics.

Leather-covered heels and insole covers made out of the same leather as the shafts create a symbiosis that intensifies the perception of the natural material.


Elegant, detail-loving and functional.

CAPRICE Premium is impressive with its feminine last shapes and a clear philosophy.Select materials and classic elegance are reinterpreted with contemporary understanding.The focus is on leather as a natural material, which is intensively employed for all our Premium shoes.



CAPRICE Comfort does away with the mantra that shoes have to be either comfortable or fashionable. Our new models make it clear that the compromise between stylish design and comfortable fi t has long since become obsolete. The combination of modern shoe styles and exciting materials makes you forget the times when you had to choose between either of the two.



All models in the Comfort line are width H.Due to its distinctive properties, deerskin belongs to the ultimate top class of natural materials. It is soft and robust at the same time. Thanks to its elasticity, it wraps the foot perfectly, thus ensuring nmatchable wearing comfort. Nevertheless, deerskin withstands the highest stresses and provides a comfortable foot climate. Special attention is given to the workmanship of the lining in these models to make sure that a feeling of ultimate leather experience is maintained.



Within the patented CAPRICE onAIR INSOLE, up to 300 air-filled hemispheres ensure optimum air circulation with each step as well as ideal foot climate. A further advantage: The springy effect of the balls will relieve your whole body.


The air chamber system developed  by CAPRICE softens your steps by more than 50%. Thus, our onAIR ANTISHOKK technology helps you effectively to protect your spine, your spinal discs and joints – every day afresh.

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