8/1/2016-- Seattle, WA, USA Patrick Pons de Vier, Senior Vice President of Global Footwear at Brooks. Photograph by Stuart Isett. ©2016 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.

Brooks Running Company has promoted Patrick Pons de Vier to senior vice president of global footwear and hired Gerald Kuhtz as senior design director of global footwear. Pons de Vier and Kuhtz will leverage decades of expertise to lead Brooks’ footwear team to propel the design, performance and overall experience of Brooks’ running shoes in the quest to lead each footwear segment in which the brand competes.

“Throughout their careers, Patrick and Gerald have driven innovation on category-leading product lines in the performance sport and outdoor segments. Their success has been an outcome of intense focus on the athlete, enthusiast and active participant and then delivering distinctive product solutions with elegant design and functional,” said Brooks CEO Jim Weber. “Both are innovators by nature.”

Pons de Vier said: “I prioritize innovation and am eager to take Brooks’ leading running footwear and technologies to the next level, solidify our footwear as the best and most advanced in the market and bring more runners to the brand than ever before.”

Kuhtz commented: “I’m passionate about breaking new ground in design and performance, and I’m eager to do that with running shoes here at Brooks. With an already high bar in performance running footwear, our products will command attention when we combine great aesthetics with incredible innovation.”

Keep an eye out for the March launch of Run Signature—Brooks’ holistic biomechanics and shoe fitting philosophy.