boggsBOGS Footwear is on feet around the world following its sizeable donations to a number of charities. The US brand, known for its technical, highly insulated boots has undertaken a large bout of charity work here in the UK and as a result has donated hundreds of boots to worthy causes.

BOGS Footwear has this month donated 750 pairs of wellington boots to the charity Shoe Aid. Last year Shoe Aid took delivery of 200 old, mismatched BOGS samples and paired them up for distribution to people in need. Now they have 750 more pairs to distribute to people in need. Founded by Lee Todd back in 2004, Shoe Aid was conceived after he watched news footage of a single shoe washing ashore after the calamitous 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. With a background in shoes, it wasn’t long before Lee developed Shoe Aid CIC in 2010. The charity has collected tens of thousands of shoes for people in need.

In partnership with The National Police Aid Convoy, 350 pairs of the 750 BOGS boots will be sent imminently to Ghana to be used for those working bogggson building homes in the villages. Amputees will use unpaired, single boots and the remainder is destined for a Malawi orphanage. Todd said: “We’re really grateful for the generous donation. Barefoot should be a choice, it shouldn’t be something that people have to put up with because of where they live or how much they earn.”

BOGS Footwear also donated to Bolton Mountain Rescue, SARDA and Support Adoption for Pets.