On the 29th March 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May sent her letter that started the countdown and negotiation period for the UK to reach agreement on the terms of our future relationship with the EU. As announced earlier in the year, the BFA has been working with key government departments keeping the needs of UK footwear in front of ministers to secure the best possible outcome for the UK footwear sector in the complex negotiations that lie ahead of us.

Since the UK voted to leave the EU in June 2016, BFA has taken every opportunity to work with HM Government and has already input papers and evidence to the PM, the Department of International Trade (DIT) and the International Trade Select Committee.

Additionally, we have continued to work closely with partner organisations UKFT and BFC to form an alliance across Fashion and Footwear and with Sponsor Alliance, who represent industries from across the UK economy, to highlight the needs of industry in relation to future free trade agreements with both the EU and the wider world. BFA will continue to voice the views of the footwear industry to DIT, through trade press and at conferences and events regarding the potential impact of Brexit on the sector.
In the coming months BFA aims to:

  • Continue to lobby the Government for support to help our companies exploit the opportunities that leaving the EU may bring, including, the specialist needs of footwear within new free trade agreements and increases and changes to export funding to support both new and more mature exporters scope and enter new markets
  • Provide more support for footwear apprenticeships, skills and training and meaningful support for UK manufacturing and all functions across the footwear sector.
  • Bring clarification on regulations regarding IP protection and access to Trade Access grants and other export funding.
  • Work hand in hand with Government and creative sector partners to develop a new long-term industrial strategy will help increase growth in the UK sector.

The BFA is driven by the requirements of our members and it is vital that we understand your needs and views. We are keen to receive your comments, feedback and input either by email to myself john.saunders@britishfootwearassociation.co.uk;

We look forward to keeping you informed as things develop in the coming months.




John Saunders

Chief Executive.