Independent footwear brand Bedroom Athletics launches first ever digital slippers to help customers better understand the construction and materials used in the design and manufacture of their products. Working with fashion design students from the University of South Wales the iconic slipper brand collaborated with four students on four key styles.

Using the innovative design platform Clo3d the fashion design students worked with technical specifications and images supplied by Bedroom Athletics. The digital slippers will initially be used across marketing assets to highlight materials and benefits with further plans to embrace digital techniques in future design and fit processes.

Howard Wetter, Managing Director Bedroom Athletics explains: “Digital clothing and the expression of fashion through digital technology has become increasingly popular whilst we’ve all been spending more time shopping online.” 

“We wanted to see how our products could be realised digitally, especially as a key factor for our customers when buying our footwear is what they’re made of and how they’re made. It’s all about comfort and having the right products next to your skin and supporting your feet. 

 “It’s important to have accurate imagery to show products when you can’t see and feel the real thing and we hope that by providing digital versions as well we can help even more of our customers make informed choices when buying online.”

Steven Wright, Academic Subject Manager, Fashion Marketing and Advertising, University of South Wales commented: “Our lives are becoming ever more digital, and fashion is no different. The rise of digital fashion as a genre has been hastened due to the global lockdowns over the last two years. Collections are now designed and shown on entirely digital platforms. It is our role as a university to ensure we are on the cutting edge. This project has given our students a rare opportunity to work with a leading brand to develop something never seen before. We are proud of our students and our involvement”

“We might be selling digital slippers to avatars and digital customer profiles in the future,” says Wetter. “Platforms and retailers like Dress-X are creating entirely digital collections already and we’ll be watching with interest how digital expressions of fashion further develop.”