ars arpel fotoshoe mergerArs Arpel Group and Fotoshoe Group, leading players in the world of footwear and leather goods publishing, have integrated their respective activities with the aim of developing their common interests on an international level.

From January 2017, the resulting new company, Edizioni AF, will publish magazines including Arsutoria, Fotoshoe30, Arpel, Idea Pelle, Bambino, and Fur, among others.

National institutions, political and industrial bodies and
trade associations in the leather goods and footwear sectors all acknowledge the potential of joint initiatives to increase the visibility and relevance for all parties on a worldwide level. The collaboration between Ars Arpel Group and Fotoshoe Group, which they claim has been hoped for by many, is therefore an important move.

“We have come to an agreement that will allow us to become increasingly important protagonists on every level, while also having an increasingly complete dialogue about fashion, economy, exhibitions, events, and sector policies,” commented Fausto Villa of Fotoshoe Group. Matteo Pasca, Ars Arpel Group, added: “’Together’ means being real protagonists on the international panorama of footwear, leather goods, accessories and components, materials and technology, without forgetting about a solid web presence that becomes more and more important.”