Just to let you know that demand has outstripped supply for the Allbirds offer of 24th March for free footwear for 2000 NHS workers. See item published on this website.

Well done Allbirds! I’m sure that our gallant NHS workers are delighted with their free Allbirds trainers!  Many of those who work in our hospitals, GP practices and emergency services, have little time to eat and sleep, let alone shop for comfortable footwear – and it’s not all footwear that’s provided by the NHS!  I’ve seen hospital doctors wearing worn-down trainers, I always tend to look at people’s shoes, I suppose it’s the job that I do!

If anyone else would like to do the same please let me know? My contact details are shown below. I would be pleased to upload your quest on our website and report on your response in a news item in Footwear Today Magazine.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,



Cheryl Taylor,

Senior Editor, Footwear Today Magazine

T. 07518346996 E. cheryltayloreditor@googlemail.com