Podiatry colleges across the UK are to be given Slimflex insoles and orthotic components to a value of £2,000 per school for each academic year, starting with the 2017 academic year. The donations were announced on Thursday 17 November during a reception at the College of Podiatry Annual Conference in Glasgow, by Jackie Fisher, the recently appointed CEO of Algeos, which will be making the donations with a combined annual value in excess of £25,000.

Jackie Fisher said: “We’re making this announcement tonight to ensure that students over the coming years have the materials they need as they learn how to adapt and prescribe orthotics to patients. Slimfex is the UK’s most popular off-the-shelf range, it’s used with great regularity by practicing podiatrists and it is an important tool for the students. Algeos will be making this significant donation to all 13 of the UK’s podiatry colleges.”

She concluded: “Algeos has a strong future commitment to the UK’s podiatry colleges and to the ongoing education and development of their students who will be tomorrow’s practitioners. Tonight’s announcement shows that commitment in action.”