Shoe Aid is a UK based Charity with 2 very simple aims – to reduce Shoe Waste and Shoe Poverty.

There is a PLACE in the World……..

 Where Shoe Poverty results in 4 million children wearing the wrong size shoes and/or shoes inadequate for their needs. This negatively affects their academic and sporting performance and is leading to serious problems with self-esteem, bullying and feelings of isolation.

 Where Shoe Poverty results in 200,000 homeless people not having adequate footwear causing significant cases of trench foot in cities across
the country.

 Where, despite this Shoe Poverty, 2 MILLION shoes are sent to landfill every single week, each pair taking 100 years to biodegrade.
This PLACE in 2019 is………


This is a picture of a child’s pair of shoes at a school that Shoe Aid recently visited.
We are now providing this school with 100 pairs of shoes/trainers/football boots to
the identified children in need, including this one.


Our Mission is simple…
We source shoes that would otherwise be destined for landfill and supply them to people in need in the UK to ensure that no child or adult goes without suitable Shoes in 2019 and beyond!

How will we do this?

We plan to work with Footwear Companies and ask them to take responsibility for the millions of shoes that they produce/buy that end as Waste. We will seek to persuade them to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility by taking a step forward with Shoe Aid by donating, sponsoring and supporting Shoe Aid’s Work and reduce Shoe Waste and Shoe Poverty.

What can this achieve…..

 By working together and receiving the support we need from YOU, Shoe Aid can help give the 4 million children in the UK the shoes that they need to be educated, involved in sports or to simply boost their confidence.

 By working together and receiving the support we need from YOU, Shoe Aid can help provide the 200,000 homeless people in the UK with an adequate pair of shoes on their feet.

Shoe Aid has so far……

 Donated over 10,000 shoes to adults/children across the UK.

 Educated over 25,000 pupils in schools across the UK on the importance of recycling and repurposing footwear.

 Distributed over half a million shoes to over 15 countries around the world.

 Our work has recently been recognised by the UK Prime Minister and a number  of celebrity ambassadors including Eddie Kidd OBE and Jamie Oliver.

What can YOUR company do to assist Shoe Aid?

The current Shoe Waste issues are not only an environmental disaster, but it will down the line cause a PR disaster for shoe manufacturers and distributors, in the same way supermarkets are currently being blamed for food waste.

ACT NOW; please support Shoe Aid.

We are contacting every footwear company in the UK to ask for help with our work and to build a lasting relationship to:

 Decrease the shoes going to landfill by donating unwanted/unsold shoes to Shoe Aid

 Sponsor and/or donate to the work of Shoe Aid so that we have sufficient resources to distribute and increase access to free footwear to those who need them.


To the 8th Global Footwear Sustainability Summit in Shanghai in August 2019. A chance for Shoe Aid to present its work to over 500 International Footwear Companies and raise awareness of the issues.


We are looking for a UK Footwear Company/Magazine to sponsor our trip. In return we will ensure that:

 We promote your brand in our publicity/social media of the support that your company is giving to support Shoe Aid.

 You will be able to market your brand using ‘Shoe Aid’ to promote your awareness of the current issues with shoe waste and what you are doing to
prevent/reduce it.

 Promote your Social and Corporate Responsibility.

 Create an ongoing relationship with Shoe Aid.

Please contact or