Indepedent Footwear Retailer, David Gummers, of F.Dickinson Footwear, Cumbria, is holding a From South Africa With Love Concert, at the Leisure centre in Kendal on the 8th December.

Apart from the South African artists they have the Amabile choir, stage coach dancers and Danny Matthews is hosting the show.
They  have also been running a primary choir competition,which Castle Park and Holme Community school won. The winners will be performing at the show.
David is looking for a sponsor(s) to sponsor up to £350 of tickets £175 for each school, so the children can watch the show when they are not on stage. Can you help?Any contribution would be really helpful.  In return you will get an advert on the 16 foot AV screen and a logo in the programme.
A donation will be made to Kendal Organ Donors.
David Gummers can be contacted on T. 01229 580654